This is is a site for those that offer courses and training in basic digital skills and competence. The resources located here are developed by the Digidel programme and others that train those with low digital competence. You may freely download, use and adapt the resources you find here. You are also welcome to share your presentations with others.

All resources found on are free.

About Digidel

Digidel 2017 is a programme meant to strengthen cooperation and increase the efforts made by the public sector and ICT sector as well as voluntary enterprises in the areas of digital competence and inclusion.  The programme will aid in the training of groups that do not use ICT and telecare, welfare and health technology, and help them quire the skills needed to master these technologies. Digidel 2017 was established and is run by the Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation.

Digdel 2017 provides teaching tools and arenas for sharing of experiences and acquiring knowledge for instructors and trainers dealing with digital competence. and the resources that are shared on this site are a key part of this work.

For more information see the Digidel 2017 work plan (pdf).